MultiWii 2.3 version online

Die neue Multiwii version 2.3 ist online. Damit können jetzt auch Wegpunkte gesetzt und somit eine vorab programmierte Route abgeflogen werden.

download MultiWii 2.3


Changelog / Veränderungen aus der txt-Datei der neuen MultiWii 2.3:

main changes 2.2 -> 2.3
 ***Control mode***
– main PITCH/ROLL/YAW PID modification (r1474) – the sticks scaling is no more affected by PID coefficients – yaw rate (to the right of the PIDs in GUI) now works as stick scaling – default yaw rate is increased (with yaw rate at 0) – yaw PID principle is now different from PITCH&ROLL PID: – yaw ITerm windup is very high, allowing an ‚elastic‘ direction return after a manual perturbation – yaw ITerm is also constrained with a windup independent limit – yaw PTerm is constrained in order to counter the yaw jump effect. use yaw DTerm to increase this constrain (r1573) – yaw ITerm is canceled if the yaw stick is not centered
– Throttle angle correction (r1374)
– Advanced Headfree mode added (see config.h for instructions) (r1374)
– DYNBALANCE option, individual motor can be controled via GUI, to test individual vibration
– better gyro & acc calibration accuracy (r1546)
– cannot arm is baro mode is on (r1550) ! baro mode should be activated only when the multi is nearly Z stable ! – only one baro mode : vario around a throttle deadband (r1554)
– magHold is reset when arm is switched on (r1553)
– ONLYARMWHENFLAT option (r1587)
***receiver & UART***
– RCSERIAL is now deeply integrated. If a MSP_SET_RAW_RC comes, it will just override legacy RX data. (r1420) as a consequence, RCSERIAL is no more an option
– no RC averaging for Spektrum & SBUS (r1545)
– SBUS center define (r1568)
– Enables sonar altitude from i2c-gps-nav board (1424)
– navigation code will follow after 2.3
– Gui with Servosettings. (r1441 & r1450) All models with servo included.
– GUI globalsettings (for some settings previously only in config.h)
– do not display /dev/cu.* devices but only corresponding /dev/tty.* (r1442)
– GUI baudrate as configurable setting
– lcd.telemtry: show max ground speed from gps data (r1398)
– lcd.telemetry: allow separate suppression of aux2 configuration (r1456)
– new display support 1.3″ i2c OLED from (r1413)
– when abort, revert all values back to last saved state
– visual feedback from servos during midpoint trim via LCD
***IMU and baro***
– correct GYRO_SCALE for all gyro (r1428)
– no more small angles while shaking the board (r1579)
– baro Alt based on ground temp compensation (r1570)
– not I reset for FIWEDWING (r1590)
– add 6DOF LSM330 sensor (r1571)
– add ACC BMA280 sensor (r1600)
*** SERVO management ***
warning: The pins for coptertypes with servos have been changed. Attaching a servo to a motor pin can quickly destroy your servo. All connection diagrams out there from v2.2 or older are no longer valid for v2.3 with servos using hardware PWM.
– add 8 hardware PWM’s for servos on MEGA boards. Servo outputs are 44,45,46,11,12,6,7,8 (r1384)
– Allow any servo refresh rate from 20 to 400Hz on Mega hardware PWM servos. (r1386)
– Tri servo moved to SERVO4 (pin11) on mega boards with HW PWM’s. (r1392)
– a32u4 (nanoWii, MicroWii etc) HW PWM for 4 servos; warning different pins!! (with lots of info and help from ronco) (r1464 & r1470)
– add a generic way to configure servo settings : conf struct + MSP read/set messages (r1383)
– Added general servo handler (r1421 & r1429)
– allow preset of some servo stuff from config.h (r1432)
– Gui with Servosettings. (r1441)
– add gimbal servo stretcher usable with HW PWM’s. (r1384) We can get 180 degrees servo move without servo modification. – note about gimbal: settings for neutral&endpoints are no more in config.h, but only in GUI
– do not update servos during unarmed calibration of sensors which are sensitive to vibration (r1408)
***internal improvements***
– migration to a cpp/h code structure (r1515 & r1516)
– huge flash size optimization (around 1k) thanks to fine struct definitions + serialization over MSP (r1369)
– make powermeter computation time based (again) to reduce config hassle and increase accuracy (r1375)
– read at most one analog channel per MWii main loop cycle (r1375)
– smoothing of RX_RSSI (r1379)
– make faster analog reads an option with default off to increase accuracy (r1375)
– detangle vbat & buzzer dependancy (r1375)
– optimization : small approximation bit shift used instead of * or / number for TPA, rates, dynP, dynD and expo curb (r1376)
– Added checking for flash content change, and reload config parameters in this case. (r1389)
– split Serial into Serial(core UART management) & Protocol (r1548)
– loop is globally faster
– option to suppress defaults in mwc sketch and load via gui from file instead (r1365)
– add OVERRIDE_PSENSORPIN option (r1375)
– manual for using Multiwii in Eclipse environment
– add amperage to MSP_ANALOG (r1542)
– no more than one MSP per port and per cycle should smooth the delay while requesting MSP, especially for USB port on micro

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